Our Fabulous Davettes

face shield

attaches to your eyewear

$49.95 retail for this version, specify for metal, or for acetate temples

You will notice the special design silicone coated clips on the design, which easily attach your favorite eyewear to our Davettes Fabulous PPE Face Shield.

We have a special version for your thicker acetate frames, or thin metal frames.

We offer private label for your own brand, including customized colorations and sizes.  Email us for more details about wholesale orders and distribution.

Our fabulous CASANOVA design face shield  includes the cultural colors from the Casanova crafts studio in Italy.

We are sold out for this version, and will accept additional orders soon.  If you are interested in the CASANOVA DESIGN Face Shield, please email us to be placed on our wait list.​

We are excited to offer this fabulous Face Shield for your PPE needs.  Our eyewear designers are interested in your protection, and with all the love of our eyewear creations, here you can enjoy our Fabulous Face Shield from Davette's Lunettes

fabulous face shield design

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